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Finding and Buying The Right Business A Seminar.

image2_60If you’re uncertain if buying a business for sale in Perth is the right decision, or you would like guidance on how to find the right business to suit your lifestyle and financial requirements, perhaps one of our regular seminars will clarify things.

Our seminars cover a lot of ground. We’ll walk you through what to consider when buying a business, defining your motivation to buy, plus some of the positive and negative aspects of owning your own business. Our seminars have proven to be a valuable tool for prospective buyers. Listed below are some of the topics we cover:

  • Why buy a business in WA and what to consider
  • What are your reasons for buying a business?
  • Financial rewards
  • Financial considerations
  • Is business all fun and games?
  • Are you leaving a well-paid job?
  • What’s the downside?
  • Family Issues to consider
  • First-time business buyer?
  • Just looking or seriously buying?
  • Why buy when you could start a business?
  • Are there tax-benefits?
  • Looking for something specific?
  • Defining the perfect business
  • Closing the deal