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To whom it may concern,

I’ve been dealing with NGBB for over 5 years in helping connect sellers with buyers. In that time I’ve always been impressed by the level of knowledge and professionalism of the team at NGBB. Through the years they have consistently supplied some of the best laid out listings with professional content that cuts to the chase in terms of the business opportunity on offer and all the necessary things you would expect of a highly professional outfit. NGBB has an instinct for the type of buyer that would be interested in the business for sale and knows how to communicate each unique business opportunity in a way that is compelling.This has made the process of generating enquiry and selling a business so much better.


To intending business purchasers/vendors

For many years I have held a real estate license during which time I have acted for vendors and purchasers with all types of real estate & businesses. I am convinced that when buying a business there is only one way, that is to engage business experts such as NGBB. To act on your behalf, over the past 10/12 years we have bought (3) Three Newsagencies and sold (2) two Newsagencies through NGBB all of which have been brokered by Ray Russell, who at all times has acted with both honesty integrity, in dealing on our behalf, as a Vendor and a Purchaser.

It is his stated belief that today’s Purchaser is tomorrow’s Vendor. He conducts himself accordingly, at all times representing fairly the interests of all concerned.

He has just exclusively listed for NGBB, our current business for sale, we intend seeking another business after this one is sold, doubtless he will again be pursuing a suitable business for us.

Rob Bayliss
Lesmurdie News, Lotto & Post Office

To intending clients of NGBB

Some (14) years ago after a lifetime of farming in the great Southern my wife and I decided to sell and move to the city largely to provide better career and lifestyle opportunities for our (3) three children.

Having decided to do this we talked to friends who had a newsagency. After deciding that we would like to enter the newsagency industry we contacted Ray Russell at NGBB and told him of our intentions. he forwarded us details of a selection of the businesses available and continued to keep in contact with us until we were ready to make the move. of the several Business Brokers we contacted he was the only one that continued to keep in touch with us without any hassle and provide details of any new listings.

Subsequently we bought our current business through NGBB with Ray Russell as our broker, it was a big learning curve for us from farming to a busy city retail news agency, however, in spite of the many and various issues that have challenged us over the years we have been very successful , the business selected has given us a a good and reliable income, providing our family with a life style and education that would have never been possible had we not made the move..

Our family are now all grown up, they are either now in worthwhile careers or nearing the end of their chosen tertiary educational paths, so my wife and I have decided to take a break before taking a new challenge, whilst we have hugely enjoyed our business and customers it is time for a break,
There was never any doubt who we would go to when the time came, we have listed our business with Ray Russell at NGBB, (he has been a regular visitor and taken a keen interest in our business over the years. ) NGBB have put a good price on our business, when achieved it will provide us with a handsome capital gain, a further bonus to the good profits we have enjoyed.

When we are ready to resume in a new business there’s no doubt what we will do, where we will go, or who we will talk to.

Phil. Mutter.
The Paper Place.

To whom it may concern,

We have over the past 7/8 years owned (2) two Newsagencies, both purchases were brokered by NGBB, with Ray Russell as our broker, he also managed the sale of our first business, prior to us buying our present shop.

We started in our first business in May 2001, after 5 1/2 years we sold it in October2006, for a very nice capital gain, after taking a break and a change for a while we bought our second business, taking over in May 2008, just completing our first financial year it is already performing beyond our expectations with a significant increase in turnover, it will provide an excellent return on our investment for the 2008/09 fiscal year, certainly showing all the signs that we can expect another good capital gain at some time in the future when we decide to sell again. (So good we have just returned from an enjoyable (9) day holiday in Thailand.)

Having been in the position of being both a vendor and a purchaser, we firmly believe that both NGBB and our Broker, have always acted in our best interests, we have been well satisfied with both the service and attention to detail that has been provided to us by them on each occasion.

We have no hesitation in recommending the use of NGBB and Ray Russell as Broker, to intending purchasers or vendors.

Mark Ruescher.
Erskine Newsagency