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How we can help

How we can help

image4_62Finding the right business to suit your needs is where we excel. By matching your needs with the right business listing we are able to guide you through the transaction in a hassle free environment by negotiating the legal and financial aspects of the process. With more than 20 years experience and hundreds of satisfied clients NGBB has built a reputation for being one of Western Australia’s most professional and ethical business brokers.

The decision to buy a business is also the decision to put your financial and professional destiny in your own hands, a huge step by any reckoning. NGBB also conducts seminars for prospective Perth business buyers looking to make their first steps towards financial independence. This initiative has proven an outstanding success providing many prospective buyers with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding their purchasing strategies when buying a business in Perth.

Our Business Broker Services

NGBB provides more than just sales transaction support for people looking to buy a business for sale in Perth. We place a strong emphasis on providing a comprehensive range of services in order that all parties are furnished with information regarding every aspect of the sale. Through our trusted network of industry professionals we are able to facilitate key support across all areas of the transaction, including accounting, finance broking, leasing, settlement, stocktaking and much more.

The Silent Salesman

One of the most valuable tools for selling your business in Perth is a thorough profile of your company prepared by us to present to serious buyers. Containing an executive summary of the business and then a more detailed breakdown of information such as staffing, rosters, lease details and profit and loss summaries, we call our business profiles “The Silent Salesman”. Business Profiles are available only after obtaining a confidentiality agreement from interested parties and act as a hard-working marketing device when it comes to selling your business. Presented in a professionally designed and printed corporate style, a detailed business profile is just one of many marketing strategies NGBB will employ to sell your business in WA.