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Sell A Business – FAQs

Sell A Business – FAQs


How do I prepare my business for sale?

We will work closely with you to obtain financial and business information relevant to the sale of your business, liaising with your accountants and financial advisors where necessary. Having an accurate idea of both tangible and intangible assets allows a realistic valuation of your business.

It’s also important that you work hard to maintain business performance for the duration of the sale process, weakening financial figures can be a deterrent to selling your business.

How do I sell my business and maintain confidentiality?

Before disclosing any of your businesses trading figures we obtain a signed Confidentiality Agreement or NDA. This document prevents the potential business buyer from releasing the information or using if for purposes other than evaluating the business for purchase.

Why not sell my business myself?

Entering the final stages of negotiation can be a tough, emotional time. We’ll ensure that business stays business throughout the process. We’ll also sort serious business buyers from the tire kickers, ensuring you need only respond to serious inquiries and reasonable offers when selling your business. Using a business broker also allows you to remain at arms length for the duration of the sale process, which, in turn, will enable you to have a good working relationship with the purchaser during the transition period.