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Business Sales Market Trends

Business Sales Market Trends

Decemeber 2013: Business Sales Market Trends

 Now that the Federal Election has been determined and the new government is settling into the business of running the country we are beginning to see levels of business and consumer confidence starting to lift, although it is some way off from translating into improved business sales.

Based on feedback from Business Brokers across the country a number of features characterised the sale of small business market;

* Buyer interest is beginning to re-emerge and the expectation is for a better December quarter.
* There is strong buyer demand for business up to $100,000.
* There has been no real change to selling prices although they seem to have stabilised.
* Time to sell a business has also stabilised although it still takes too long.
* The number of qualified buyers remains stable, although they were inactive pre-election and are now returning, which is giving a lift in inquiries.
* Factors that are limiting successful sales are the availability of finance and the disparity between the price expectations of buyers and sellers.
* The Business Broking profession’s view for the short term future is “restrained optimism” for business sales.
* In summary it remains a buyer’s market.

SOURCE: AIBB State of the Australian Market Sept 2013.

Tips for buyers

The outlook for buyers is that more and more astute buyers are recognising the opportunity that exists currently in the small business market however as the level of inquiry rises the best businesses will be the first to sell. To ensure that you get the best deal have your finance ready and have a realistic view on the price of businesses.

Tips for Sellers

With the current level of stock on the market it is important to differentiate your business from the rest of the sellers, it is important that you have current financials (2012 -13) available, a comprehensive accurate and detailed Business Profile in place (your broker will coordinate this) and are realistically priced.

 Old, inaccurate and incomplete information will lose a potential buyer very quickly and overpriced businesses do not attract any inquiry at all. This is absolutely critical as we are now about to enter into the peak period for people searching for new business opportunities.